Vocal Compression Primer

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This lesson shows you how to use multiple compressors on your vocal tracks. It includes basic tuition on what compressors do and how to use them, followed by a detailed description of how to use two compressors on your vocal track to smooth out the vocal and get it to sit in the track well.


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I'm a session guitarist with a major label/artist track record including recording sessions and international tours with artists such as Roger Waters, Mike Oldfield, Suede, Scott Walker, Slim Whitman, David Allen Coe, Kirsty McColl, Sarah Brendel, David Dundas, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Westernhagen, David Mead, Henning Staerk, Toyah, and many more. I have a wide range of guitars and amps and play styles from classic rock to Indie, folk, Country, Americana, Blues, ambient, electronica.... If required, I can supply each track recorded with one close mic, one room mic, and one direct from the pick-up with no effects for you to re-amp at your will. I have Pro Tools, Logic Pro X and Ableton Live 8. Guitars include Fender Strat, Tele: Gibson Les Paul, 335, Hummingbird; Danelectro baritone, Epiphone SG & J400, Yamaha acoustic hi-strung, 12-string acoustic, and more. Amps include Marshall, Fender, WEM, Kemper Profiling Amp, and more. Mics include AKG, Shure, T-Bone, etc. Mic pre-amps include Neve 1073. Testimonials from satisfied customers: Jay is great toward with! Super professional, versatile, fast and a try pro through and through. Not to mention - the sound and tone of his playing and recording is great! Highly recommended. Jay is the consummate professional. He knew exactly where to play as well as where NOT to play. Fast turnaround and excellent communication. Have to write another track just to work with him again. Highly recommended! Absolutely amazing job at getting the mix spot on!!! Can hear every single layer clearly with defined tones, yet gel together seamlessly! A***** Jay is a high skilled musician who plays with feeling and musicianship . He is positive and creative and keeps his deadlines. The audio quality of his recordings is excellent. I can really recommend him! Working with Jay was an absolute breeze! He is a professional and it clearly shows in his meticulous playing! I also asked him to record a bit of "free reign" and wow, did he deliver! Will definitely use Jay on my future tracks/projects. HIGHLY recommended.