Studio Vocal Mic Technique

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How to sing into a microphone in a studio environment, and get the best signal you can. How to avoid sibilance and plosive sounds. Advice on how to soften consonants and also how to vary the velocity of your voice, from loud to soft singing.


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About Lynsey Tibbs

I have been a professional singer for over 15 years. I am also a vocal coach so feel pretty sure I know how to use my voice. Have a very high belt range and also strong head voice. I can comfortably sing from D below middle C, about three octaves from there at full voice/head tone. I have worked on adverts and also been used from some EDM material. Recently did the BV's for producer Andrew Murray whose credits include Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys. My genres include rock, pop, dance, soul, blues, jazz. I like to produce clean tracks and will often double track the lead if required. I also feel I have an excellent ear for harmonies. I studied music and performing arts for a BA degree. I am in the UK but this has never posed a problem before as I do many remote sessions through a couple of other avenues also.