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About Mark Marshall

My name is Mark Marshall. I'm a pro session and touring multi-instrumentalist based in NYC. I've played guitar bass and drums on many records, tv commercials, movies, musicals, concerts and tv shows. I'm a well respected guitar teacher in NYC. I write for the Pro Audio Files, Premiere Guitar and Anatomy of Guitar Tone about guitar. I've also written a book on music theory called Practice Makes Progress. I'm currently in the original band Fife & Drom with my wife. I have played with Levon Helm, Phil Lesh, Abby Ahmad, Peking Duk, Nation Beat, Elizabeth and the Catapult, Amy Helm, Jenna Nicholls and a wide selection of other great artists. I'm also currently composing for the TV Show American Pickers. I've work with many notable musicians such as: Sean Pelton,, Gail Ann Dorsey, Aaron Comess, Todd Caldwell, Jimmy Paxxon,, Catherine Popper,Jay Bellerose, David Mansfield and many many more. I play a wide variety of styles of music and have a long history in music production and engineering. I present tracks that sound album ready. I have a log list of gear to choose from. I can capture many era specific tones. Fee free to reach out and ask me any questions about your project. I'm happy to chat details.