Make your vocals stand out. (Easy mixing tutorial)

Lesson Details

In this tutorial I will  be explaining in a few easy steps the way to make your vocals stand out in front of your mix without interfering with other instruments. The emphasis is given at the presence though the tutorial explains step by step the procedure of mixing vocals.

You will be learning about the importance of passive E.Q. , compression, de-esser, active E.Q. , reverb, removal of backround noise, masking and more.

The tutorial is designed to be understandable for intermediate level artists as well as begginers. It is also subtitled so you will not miss anything.

The steps are super easy by the end of the video you will gain knowledge that you can apply in other instruments of your song and improve your mix overall.  I consider thiss tutorial easy to understand and apply and It will help you the most because it contains the essence of mixing. All important fundamentals to help you find the sweet spot of your mix are explained in this easy tutorial.


Length of lesson
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Skill Level
  • Ambient
  • Pop
  • Rock
Supplemental Materials
Passive E.Q. Why we use only passive E.Q.? Even out the volume of vocals without destroying it. Compression. How it works? Presence. How to make vocals prsent De-esser. Smooth out the (s) Width. Make your vocals stereo Reverb. Sweeten your sound Masking. How to bring vocals in front of an instrument. Active E.Q. Are we adding frequences to vocals or not?